“Wonderful story. You are very good. looking forward to reading more of your works. Would love to read anything you’d like to send my way. Thanks so much for the honor of allowing me to read this one. Going to go read it again now. ”

-N. Moore

“Kinksters may want to check Dee Blake’s delightfully satisfying “Bibliophile,” in which a woman with a book fetish meets her perfect match”

-Publisher’s Weekly

“There was something I enjoyed about each story from Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3, but a few stories stood out as my favorites. I absolutely appreciated Sophie’s love of books and the feelings they can stir from deep within in “Bibliophile””

-Slutty Girl Problems

“I adore Dee Blake’s ‘Bibliophile‘, whose protagonist is aroused not only by the reading of erotica, but by the physicality of the pages, and of the formation of the words. Her meeting with a writer of erotic fiction proves the perfect match for her own particular kink.”

Emmanuelle de Maupassant

“I can’t imagine a more appropriate story for Rose to narrate then Bibliophile by Dee Blake, which I really enjoyed. I think that there should be an element of romance in erotica, and it is present here.”

-Long Island Reader

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