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Now available on audio

Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 3 can now be found on Audible.

This is what Lee had to say after listening to all of the arousing stories:

 Very sexy

I’ve listened to a few Rose Caraway audiobooks and this is the hottest one I’ve heard (so far). The first story really blew me away, about a woman who makes a sex tape for her husband. That sounds like a dream come true. It’s done in a way that’s arousing for everyone, not just her performing for him. That’s what I liked best about these stories; the women are totally into the sex, not going along for the ride. There’s everything from cosplay to women with fetishes (one for books, which is interesting to listen to in audio form). Rose makes me feel like I was right there.

Interested?  You can find it here.